Pulp – Glory Days chords

Song: Glory Days
Artist: Pulp
Tabbed by: Fabian Valdivia XD
Dedicated to: Stephanie Rivera =D

I tabbed this song last night when I tried to learn Sylvia (and I learned it!) from that 
album called This Is Hardcore by the the greatest British band ever (at least for me).
I tabbed this song by piano but later I grabbed my electric guitar and works like a 
so I hope you enjoyed.

Note: If you can play this then you can play Cocaine Socialism from the double album 
of This is Hardcore, only a small changes from this and that but the melody is the same, so 
it was like tabbing two songs instead of one....

Glory Days by Pulp

Intro: (strings) C - F

       (piano)   C

CCome and play the tunes of glory - raise your voice in celebration
of the days that we have wasted in the cafe in the station
F Dmand learn the meaning of existence in fortnightly instalments.
CCome share this golden age with me in my single room apartment
G Fand if it all amounts to nothing - it doesn't matter,
G Cthese are still our glory days.
COh my face is unappealing and my thoughts are unoriginal.
I did experiments with substances but all it did was make me ill
F Dmand I used to do the I Ching but then I had to feed the meter.
CNow I can't see into the future but at least I can use the heater.
GOh it doesn't get much better than this
F G C'cos this is how we live our glory days.
COh I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it
and I, I could do anything if only I could get round to it.
F DmOh we were brought up on the Space-Race, now they expect you to clean
CWhen you've seen how big the world is, how can you make do with this?
GIf you want me I'll be sleeping in -
F G C Gsleeping in throughout these glory days.
Solo: C - C C - C F - Dm C - C G - F G - C C
DThese glory days can take their toll, so catch me now before I turn to gold.
G EmYeah we'd love to hear your story just as long as it tells us where we are,
Dwhere we are is where we're meant to be.
A G AOh come on make it up yourself - you don't need anybody else.
DAnd I promise I won't sell these days to anybody else in the world but you.
D - A - G A - D - A - G D
DNo-one but you.
No-one but you. No-one but you. No-one but you.
DOoh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh...
Thanks to Jarvis, Candida, Mark, Steve and Nick...
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