Pulp – This Is Hardcore tab

Maybe one of the best songs ever...

Emin Eb D C#min

E min             G                       Emin             F#min
You are hardcore, you make me hard. you name the drama and Ill play the part.
Emin               G  
It seems I saw you in some teenage wet dream.
Emin             F#min
I like your get up if you know what I mean.
Emin           Eb           D           C#
I want it bad. I want it now.
Emin           Eb            D              C#   
Oh cant you see Im ready now.
Ive seen all the pictures,
Ive studied them forever.
D                      C#
I wanna make a movie so lets star in it Together
C                      G               Emin
Dont make a move til I say, action.
C                      G               Emin
Oh, here comes the hardcore life.
Put your money where your mouth is tonight.
Leave your make-up on & Ill leave on the light.
Come over here babe & talk in the mic. 
oh yeah I hear you now, its gonna be one hell of a night.
F             E                   A    
          You cant be a spectator. oh no.
F                       E
You got to take these dreams & make them whole.
C              E
Oh this is hardcore -
Amin           F
There is no way back for you.
C              E
Oh this is hardcore -
Amin           F
This is me on top of you &
C               E                         Emin 
I cant believe that it took me this long. that it took me this long.
Emin                      D
This is the eye of the storm.
C#                                C
Its what men in stained raincoats pay for but in here it is pure.
Emin                  D
Yeah. this is the end of the line.
C#                     C
Ive seen the storyline played out so many times before.
Oh that goes in there Then that goes in there.
Then that goes in there Then that goes in there.
C#      C                    
Oh      & then its over. 
oh, what a hell of a show
But what I want to know:
C#                  C                
What exactly do you do for an encore?
cos this is hardcore.
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