Pupil - Teachers Pet chords

Created by Lawrence Cedric T. Salvador

Chords:Verse, Chorus

Start of the songe||------------------|B||------------------|G||---0--------------|D||----0-2-----------|A||------------------|E||------------------|
Verse 1:
E G AYou could be making the grade
E G AYou could be making the grade
E G ADon't let your memory fade
CStop scramming
D AWhen the meter starts running
CHere kitty,kitty
D AYou're looking so pretty
CBut I an't got time to know
D AWho's coming tonight
I repeat
CComplete the equation
D AYou plus me is a sure bet
E G ADon't know it's good to be the
EG Teacher's pet Verse 2:
E G AWhen I saw you lurching
E G ALike a sea urchin
E G A I knew I had to make good
DLike a good boy should
E GCause you got me thinking
E GYou got me thinking
E G AYou are natural selection
E G AA full-proof rule without exception
C D ALet me indoctrinate you
C D AWhile you indoctrinate me
E G AOn the ways of the world
E You are my favorite girl
(repeat chorus)
G AYou could be making the grade
CWe're jamming
D AGonna hit the ground running
(repeat chorus)
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