Pure X – Easy chords


Here we go. Pure X. Easy. Crank up your sustain, reverb, delay and... maybe a bit 
of phaser if you're feeling fruity, you know how it sounds.

So basically the verses follow this pattern: A... and De|-----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----3-3-----3-3-----3-3-----3-3-|G|-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-|D|-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----2-2-----0-0-----0-0-----0-0-----0-0-|A|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1
ANo I don't feel nothing
No I don't feel nothing
DNo I just don't feel one thing at all
ADon't feel nothing
No I can't feel nothing
DI don't feel one thing at all
ASuicide by my side
DWe don't give a goddamn at all
ANo i can't feel nothing
Don't feel nothing
DWe can't feel one thing at all
The chorus has the same chords as the verse but played as barre chords instead and is played a little choppier too. There's some wah in there but you don't need it: Chorus
Verse 2
ASee you crying(?)
But I ain't lying
DJust don't feel one thing at all
AMind is breaking
My soul is aching
DBut I can't feel one thing at all
AI got suicide for my bride
DWe don't feel none of this at all
ACan't feel nothing
Don't know nothing
DWe can't feel one thing at all
Bridge: (barre the chords)
Bm D Oooooooh,ahhaaahhhhh
Chorus x3, end on A Then this... thing fades in. You can do a light tremolo pick if you want:
Here's some bass because why not:
I've seen what you do and I know it's true I've seen what you do and I know it's true I've seen what you do Doo, do-do-doo-do...
e|---------------------------|B|-9-9\7-5~~~~-------5---5~~-|G|---------6~~-4-4/6---6~~~~-|D|---------------------------|A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------| etc.
Repeat until fade or until you get bored, whichever comes first. That's that. Enjoy!
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