Purple Gekko – Without Words tab

Without Words
by Purple Gekko
Hollow Records

MAIN RIFF----------------------------------|-----------------------------0----|---------------------------0---0--|-----0-----0-------0-----0--------|---0--0---0--0---2---2-3----------|-3------2------0------------------|
Why don?t you try, Speaking to me, Don?t you ever think it would do me good, To know how you feel, =============================== Bridge ------ C All that is left, (that is left) Em Is the silence of your breath, C And the stillness, D Dsus4 D In your eyes? ================================ Chorus ------ G Without words, B You speak to me, Am7 Without words, Cm I bleed. G I was sick of your lies, (sick of your lies) B I wanted out, Am7 Is that so bad? (is that so bad) Cm Now you want me back. Without words. ========================= Verse ------- How do you feel? You never let me know, I was always Tip toeing round, What is wrong with you? Bridge Were you to scared to say? (scared to say) Did you not want to look? (want to look) It is always about you?well guess what. I don?t give a Fuck Chorus I?m sick of your shit, (sick of your shit) I broke free, You keep pulling me back in, (back in) Can?t you just leave me? If you want to talk..TALK! (talk to me) If not just fuck off, You were supposed to love me, Instead you left and fucked me! Verse So fuck you, (fuck you) fuck you, I don?t care, I hope you do! Without words. -----------------------------------
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