Pussycat – Teenage Queenie tab


First english than german ;)
hello folks i´ve been searchin´ for a very long time for chords or tabs for this
beautiful song! but i didn´t fiund anything! so i started to try to find it out
by myself and here is it! i think it´s allright! IT´S A VERY EASY SONG! SO HAVE FUN!
please mail me if you find a better version! Q-TEX@web.de

ich hab ewig nach noten zu dem lied gesuch und nirgendwo was gefunden dazu! also hab
ich mir gedacht ich hör die chrords einfach raus und probiers selbst!
bitte mailt mir falls ihr bessere oder genauere noten kennt! thX Q-TEX@web.de

Intro like verse

Verse 1
G                                 C          G
Your Daddy has been looking while mommy ´s inside
G                                  D    C   G
And if you ever show up before the morning light
G                 C                                   G
Everything that's said and done is not your point of view.
G                          D                        C
You stayed the whole night through with your friend Jeany –
Teenage Queenie.

Verse 2
G                                C                G
You may be good looking but you don't know how to be –
G                                D           C    G
Your wardrobe's always empty and no'one '11 ever see
G                    C                                G
You've been growing for some time had lovers quite a few.
G                D           C                G
Now all you ever do is being dreamy - Teenage Queenie.

G                      C          G
Teenage Queenie you're lost every night
G                           D          C
And your Mammy worried your Daddy's uptight.
G                   C           G
Teenage Queenie you still gotta grow
G                                  D            G
'cause if you wanna be free it's a long time to go.

Verse 3
G                            C            G
You like to hear the music - dance on the beat
G                              D        C       G
Where ever it goes slowly it's not your kind of speed.
G                    C                              G
Your sister has been seeing you in some big shining car
G                  D                C              G
He owned the bar a fellah called Rossini - Teenage Queenie.


Chorus (instrumental)


Outro (like intro & verse)
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