Palehound – Silver Toaster chords

[Verse 1]

Eb Ab Cm FMy little silver toaster
Ab G Gb F EIs burning off the edges of my morning frown
Eb Ab Cm FThese days feel like roller coasters
Ab GYou limp just like a rag-doll
Gb F EI hang upside-down
Eb Ab Cm F Ab G Gb F E (x1) [Verse 2]
Eb Ab Cm FI've been faking to all my old friends
Ab GStaring straight and walking
Gb F E'Til I hit the coast and then
Eb AbAlone at home I
Cm FHack off my split-ends
Ab GAnd bury them back at the arches
Gb F ESo I can dig it
Fm Ab'Cause the man in this song
G CmGot me all hotted up
F Abm Ebmaj7And gave me a love that entangles me
[Outro] Eb Ab Cm F Ab G Gb F E (x2) Eb
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