Pat and Caleb – Damn Good Life chords

[Verse 1]
DChillin by the water out in Tennessee
CThinking about how much she meant to me
DMy lines in the water and I ain't caught shit
Gbut I got a cold beer and a can of dip
[Interlude] D G [Verse]
DSuns goin' down and I'm all alone
Cgot more cold beer waiting for me at home
Dstarting to get cold so I'm calling it
Gbout to make my way home and get drunk as shit
[Interlude] D C [Chorus]
D AI thought I was sad, I thought I was mad
Em Gthen I remembered what a damn good life I have
D AI have my own time, got my own money
Em Gall I need is my truck, and a little bit of country.
[Outro] D C
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