Pat The Bunny – Never Coming Home chords

E     B     A      E     B     A

E B A The trains roll by my porch
E B ADown here where nothing can live
E BAnd I've been smoking too much
C#m ABecause I am no exception
E B AYou knew that already, I think
E B AIf you want salvation
E B AThen you ought to go see a priest
E B'Cause forgiveness from those that we hurt
C#m AIn this world never was guaranteed
E C#mI'm coming home, it's late again
B AI'm high as I've ever been
E C#mYou're sitting up, you're in our bed
B ACrying for a ghost again
E C#mNo room could be as dark
B AOr as empty as ours is
E C#m'Cause I'm at home but I'm not here
B AAnd I never am
E B AI wonder how many friends
E B ARoll past my house in the night?
E BIn boxcars they sleep
C#m AWith hearts stashed in their backpacks
E B AThey'll make California all right
E B AA promise from me
E B AIs just a lie I ain't told yet
E BSo I'm ready to die
C#m ABut I'm not willing to watch
E B AYou watch me die here in our bed
E C#mI'm lying down, I've been nodding out
B ASince I don't know when
E C#mThe lights are on, you're standing up
B AScreaming at a ghost again
E C#mDarling, I'm home; hell I ain't left
B AThis house of ours in days
E C#mBut I'm not here; I never am
B ASo I just can't stay
E C#m AMy darling, I'm never coming back
BFrom where I'm going
E C#m A BMy darling, I'm never coming home
E C#m AMy darling, I'm never coming back
BFrom where I'm going
E C#m AMy darling, I'm never coming home
B ENever coming home again
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