Patrick Sweany – Slippin chords

Eb  Cm   Eb  Cm   Eb

[Verse 1]
Cm EbSlippin' in a cross-town bar
Cm EbNow I'm racing home to beat the dark
Cm EbInstead of doing some of what I should
Cm AbRockin' beers for lunch, up to nothing good
G FmI got things to do but I didn't
Eb CmLooks like I'm slippin'
[Verse 2] Eb
F Cm EbLord to get ahead baby better get it fast
Cm EbAll your future plans can come to past
Cm EbIt ain't funny when it slips away
Cm AbYou look different than baby then you did today
G Fm EbI saw a picture of myself, it looked like someone else
I must be slippin' [Intrumental] Ab Gm Fm Ab Gm Fm Ab Eb Fm Cm [Verse 3] Eb
F Cm EbI believe it that I'm weakening down
F Cm EbI used to laugh about it but the time is now
Cm EbStill the same but I'm not as strong
Cm AbAs I used to and it just seems wrong
Gm Fm AbI keep pushing through the aches and pains
Gm Fm AbMight be a bit older I still feel the same
Gm Fm AbI don't mind if I don't sleep through the night
Gm FmI just know I keep on holding tight, holding
EbHold on
Cm Eb
CmSlippin' in a cross town bar
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