Patrick Watson – Love Songs For Robots chords

G D Bm A
Em D Bm A

[Verse 1]
Em Breaking down
DYour days are getting longer
Bm AThere's a yellow glass dragon who's chasing you around
Em D A Sit your head on a silver jet stream while the smoke is rising over your thoughts and your dreams
Em D Watch over, you watch and fall down
Bm AYour nuts and bolts are all over the ground
Em DYou get up, get up
Bm A EmYou get up, you get up
[Bridge] D Bm A [Verse 2]
Em D Something's leaking
Bm AIt leaks from your eyes where all these tears past the problems
Em D Bm A Stop wasting your words from around as you're running out of thoughts as it burns, burning out
D Bm AWatch as the flowers, thrones and winds spills close as it whispers away
Em D Bm A Em D Bm AYou get up, you get up, get uuuuuup
Em D Bm AYou get uuuuup
[Outro] G Em G G Bm A D G D G Em A D G Em A D G Em D Bm A Em D Bm A
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