Stories Of Love chords with lyrics by Paulusma - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Paulusma – Stories Of Love chords

[Intro] Am Ame|-------------0-----------|-------------0---------|B|-0h1-----0h1---1-----0---|-0h1-----0h1---1-----0-|G|-----2-----------2-------|-----2-----------2-----|D|-------2-----------2---2-|-------2-----------2---|A|-0-----------------------|-0---------------------|E|-------------------------|-----------------------|
C/G Dm7e|-------------0-----------|---------------| (2x)B|-0h1-----0h1---1-----0---|-----1---------|G|-----0-----------0-----0-|-0h2---2-0h2---|D|-------2-----------2-----|-------------0-|A|-------------------------|---------------|E|-3-----------------------|-1-------------|
[Verse 1]
AmLate night december
Am Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 CStuck on the side of the road
AmRemember the air filled
AmWith pinetree & sawdust
Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 CRear tire blown
Dm7 GYou talked about love
Dm7 G AmI told you 'bout sayin' goodbye
[Break] Am Ame|-------------0-----------|-------------0---------|B|-0h1-----0h1---1---------|-0h1-----0h1---1-----0-|G|-----2-----------2-------|-----2-----------2-----|D|-------2-----------2-----|-------2-----------2---|A|-0-----------------------|-0---------------------|E|----------------------3--|-----------------------|
C/G Dm7e|-------------0-----------|---------------|B|-0h1-----0h1---1-----0---|-----1---------|G|-----0-----------0-----0-|-0h2---2-0h2---|D|-------2-----------2-----|-------------0-|A|-------------------------|---------------|E|-3-----------------------|-1-------------|
[Verse 2]
AmAs long as we're drivin'
Am Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 CThere seems nothin' much going on
AmWith the wheel in my one hand
Am Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 CYour life in the other, car stereo on
Dm7 GAnd stories of love
Dm7 G Am Am/G AmSongs about sayin' goodbye
GBut if luck forces its hand
FIt's a different mood
GAnd why has it always
Dm7To be out of tune
GWhile changing my tire
FYou're all set to go
Dm7 EmI remembered the scene
F Cadd9/GWhere you first said hello
[Break] Am/E Gm F (2x) [Verse]
Am/ELate night december
Gm FComing to understand
Am/EWhile travellin' the same road
Gm FWe're ridin' on distant land
Dm7 GThe glory of love
Dm7 GSo sorry 'bout sayin'
Dm7 GSo sorry my love
Dm7 G Am Am/G Am Am/G Am Am/G AmSorry 'bout sayin' goodbye
************************************************************ | h Hammer on | ************************************************************
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