Paulusma – Satisfactory chords


D5 G/Be|-----------------------|-----------------------|B|------------1h3p1------|-----------------------|G|----0h2--2---------2p0-|------------0-0--0-----|D|-0-------0-------------|---------0--0h2--0--0--|A|-----------------------|-0--0h2--0----------2--|E|-----------------------|-----------------------|
[Verse 1]
D5So many questions
Csus2So much to be asked
G/BThe search for all the answers
Bb6And you there in my mind
A GI like you more than ever
G/B Csus2 D5I sit an' wonder why
[Verse 2]
D5All them questions
Csus2Drive me insane
G/BI watch you from a distance
Bb6I wanna have you near
A GI wanna see you later
A GI need to understand
A GBut lately things are gettin'
G/B Csus2 D5Just a little out of hand
[Verse 3]
D5So try to catch me later
Csus2Try to gimme all I need
G/BI'd like to live it all
Bb6Until it's satisfactory
A GA little bit of patience
A GA little helping hand
A GDespite the hesitation
G/B Csus2 D5Might just do it all again
Bm Dmaj7Oh oh
Bm Dmaj7 C ADo it all again
Bm Dmaj7Oh oh
Bm Dmaj7 C A Csus2 D5Do it all again
[Break] D5 Csus2 G/B Bb6 (2x)
D5Where are all the answers
Csus2Just loud enough to hear
G/BI'd like to have a shot
Bb6 A G D A G D A G DUntil it's satisfactory
G/B Csus2 D5Till it's satisfactory
Bm Dmaj7Oh oh
Bm Dmaj7 C ADo it all again
Bm Dmaj7Oh oh
Bm Dmaj7 C A C A Csus2 D5Do it all again
[Outro] D5 G/Be|-----------------------|-----------------------|B|------------1h3p1------|-----------------------|G|----0h2--2---------2p0-|------------0-0--0-----|D|-0-------0-------------|---------0--0h2--0--0--|A|-----------------------|-0--0h2--0----------2--|E|-----------------------|-----------------------|
[Outro] D5 G/B Csus2 D5
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