California Spirit chords with lyrics by Paulusma - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Paulusma – California Spirit chords

[Intro] Dm7 G/De|-1--1---3-0-| (8x)B|-1--1---3---|G|-2--2---4---|D|-0--0---0---|A|------------|E|------------|
[Verse 1]
Dm7 G/D Dm7 G/DLast year's masquerade
Dm7 G/D Dm7The strangest trip to me
Dm7 G/D Dm7 G/DFloating on every harmony
Dm7 G/D Dm7Now life is but a dream
N.C.But i think I sensed
Cmaj7 DThat california spirit
Cmaj7 D Fmaj7 Dm7California 19 - 69
[Break] Dm7 G/De|-1--1---3-0-| (8x)B|-1--1---3---|G|-2--2---4---|D|-0--0---0---|A|------------|E|------------|
Cmaj7 D Cmaj7 D Dm7 G/D (4x) Cmaj7 D Cmaj7 D [Solo] Dm7 G/D (8x)
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