Who Cares If You Exist chords with lyrics by Peacock Affect for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Peacock Affect – Who Cares If You Exist chords

Ab Bb

[Verse 1]
AbAdding up all the pain
BbLeft in your brain
AbIt's just another black day
BbSat indoors feeling alone and full of decay
AbSome skanky alchy'
BbIs looking at me in an understanding way
[Verse 2]
AbFriends don't exist
Bb7 EbFriends don't exist
Ab Bb7 EbNo one's going to give you a kiss
AbWho cares if you exist
Bb EbFriends don't exist
[Verse 3]
AbWhen you're sat at home alone
GmYou may as well be asleep for the week
AbI'm so weak
Gm AbBut somehow I exist
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