Perry Como – Because chords

Ab   Cm  Bbm   Eb7 (1x)

Ab CmBecause, you come to me,
Bbm Eb7With naught save love,
F/A Bbm Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb Eb7And hold my hand and lift mine eyes above,
Ab7sus Ab7 DbA wider world of hope and joy I see,
Ab Eb7 AbBecause you come to me!
Ab Cm Bbm Eb7 [Chorus]
Ab7 DbBecause you speak to me in accents sweet,
Bb7 EbmI find the roses waking 'round my feet
C FmAnd I am led through tears and joy to thee,
Fdim Eb7Because you speak to me!
Ab CmBecause God made thee mine,
Bbm Eb7I’ll cherish thee, love
F/A Bbm Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb Eb7Through light and darkness through all time to be,
Ab7sus Ab7 DbAnd pray His love may make our love divine,
Ab Eb7 Ab Cm Bbm AbBecause God made thee mine!
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