Out Of Love chords with lyrics by Peter Manos - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Peter Manos – Out Of Love chords

F# Fm7

[Verse 1]
F#You forgot to
Turn the light out
Fm7When you left last night
F#And I don't know when
Or what just happened
Fm7But I know we tried, but you're
F#Out of love (Yeah)
Fm7Out of love (Yeah)
F#Out of love (Yeah)
Fm7Or out of love (Oh oh, Yeah)
[Verse 2]
F#I remember when you told me
You had nothing but me
Fm7Crying on my shoulder
Damn, we're getting older
Fm7Can't trust we (We)
[Verse 3]
F#And I know you had nothing left for me
Fm7You said you had nothing but me
F#Tell me, baby, no it's not that easy (Uh huh huh)
Fm7I don't like that you don't love me anymore
F#Staring at your ceiling, crying on the floor
[Chorus] We're out of love
Fm7Out of love (Yeah)
We're out of love
F#We're out of love
Out of love (Yeah)
Fm7We're out of love (Uh huh huh)
[Outro] F# Fm7 x3
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