Peter McPoland – On We Go chords


[Verse 1]
GThe day has come
C D Gtomorrow has run out of excuses
C D G G/F# Emthe coming years will know the way we choose is for the best
C D G So we will go
GThe gowns are gone
C D GThe caps have been trodden by the crowds
C D G G/F# Emand as our hands begin to bend and our youth has met an end
C D G So we will go
Em CAnd as our innocence forgets us
Em CAnd as our teenage sins regrets us
Em C DAnd as our minutes turn into seconds in the past
GSo on we go!
[Verse 2]
GThere will be times
C D Gwhere the wash-outs will beg us all to fail
C D G G/F# EmAnd the red love that the red hearts knew will pinken and pale
C D G So we will go
GThere will be love
C D Gand so it was before there will be love
C D G G/F# EmAnd so it is again there will be heaven up above
C D GSo help me God on we will go
[Instrumental] Em C Em C D [Verse 3]
GThere will be life
C D GThere will be taxis, tears, and taxes and strife
C D G G/F# EmAnd your friends will find their husbands and their wives and roll with delight
C D GSo on they will go
GThere will be ends
C D GThere will be death and dusk and dark and mailmen
C D G G/F# EmAnd the letters will seem dated and the dates will let her in
C D GOn the fact that we're still going along
[Verse 4]
EmSo we drive
C D Gpast medians and mediums and highs
C D GHellos and such and good days never bad
C D GPeople are expected to be had
C D GYou never found yourself thinking of the past
C D GMedians and mediums we drive
GThe day is here
C D GThe future has run out of time
C D GThe song has run out of a rhyme
C D G G/F# EmAs teenage years and frightened hearts are moving out the door
C D GChildren we will be nevermore
C D EmBut so on we go
C D GSo on we go
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