Phemiec – Girls In Love chords


Ab  E  Db  Dbm F#
Ab  E  Db  Dbm F#

[Verse 1]

Ab EInevitably you in blue and me
Db Dbm F#We are young and chlorinated
Ab ELaughing as we flee security
Db Dbm F#This feels safe and free and fated
Ab EUnaware that there are bones among the weeds
Db Dbm F#Lying underneath your posters
Ab EAnd dressing in your missing girlfriend's tees,
Db Dbm F#I'm the picture of a poser
Ab E Db F#But I'm not anybody's muse of purity
Ab E F#And you're no problem child or cautionary tale
Ab E Db F#And I'm not innocent and you're not guilty
Ab EBut we'll both be punished by
Db F#The howling wind and hail
EBefore this ends
E B F#The world is not a friend to girls in love
EAnd I keep trying to rewind
B F#But the world's not kind to girls in love
[Verse 2]
Ab EPin our wings and keep us under glass
Db Dbm F#Try to understand our beauty
Ab ESay they have to see us after class
Db Dbm F#It's a privilege and our duty
Ab EBut they will never know what we possess
Db Dbm F#Strange attractors, we are fractal
Ab EAnd with Shrodinger's devotion in my chest
Db Dbm F#I'm a quantum chain reactor
Ab E Db F#And you're not venison to be consumed
Ab E F#And I am not some armless marble carving to admire
Ab E Db F#And we are not red roses to be cut before we bloom
Ab EAnd we are not the virgin victims for their
Db F#Sacrificial fire
ETo the gods
B F#Against all odds we're girls in love
EAnd the storm is on its way
B F#'Cause the world's not made for girls in love
ESo batten down the hatches
B F#Arm the cannons, grab your cutlass, set the compass,
E BWe are sailing for a future where there's
F#gentleness and justice
E BYou don't have to fight, or pay a price,
F#Or pray you gave enough
E B F#And the lighthouse always shines
F#For girls in love
Ab E Db F#(Aaah, Aah)
F#For girls in love
Ab E Db F#(Aaah, Aah)
Ab E Db F#(Aaah, Aah)
Ab E Db F#(Aah)
Ab E Db Dbm F# Ab
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