Pinegrove – Alcove chords

[Verse 1]

     G         Cadd9

I'll go if you want

  G   D       Cadd9

Alcove in the dark

 Am13       Cadd9

Yellow marigold

    G      D          Cadd9

All folded up in the front


[Verse 2]

    Em9         Cadd9

I'll go to the west

        G  D    Cadd9

Where my family is

      Am13 Cadd9

Where Emily is not

   G    D       Cadd9

I'll go where I want


[Verse 3]

   Em9            Cadd9

My friends in the east

      G    D   Cadd9

They bring me peace

          Am13  Cadd9

But they need release

      G D      Cadd9

I'll go if you want

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