Pink Martini – Amado Mio chords


Dm E7 AmAmado mio, love me forever
Dm E7 AmAnd let forever, begin tonight
Dm E7 AmAmado mio, when we're together
Dm E7 AmI'm in a dream world, of sweet delight
E7 AmMany times I've whispered
Dm Am"Amado mio",
E7It was just a phrase
AmThat I heard in plays
E7 AmI was acting a part.
E7 AmBut now when I whisper
Dm Am"Amado mio",
E7Can't you tell I care,
AmBy the feeling there?
E7 Am'Cause it comes from my heart
Dm E7I want you ever
AmI love my darling
Dm E7Wanting to hold you
AmAnd hold you tight
Dm E7 AmAmado mio, Love me forever
Dm E7 AmAnd let forever begin tonight
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