Ra – Supernova chords

Ra - Supernova
Album - Black Sheep
No Capo, Standard Tuning
Awesome song!

Intro  (play 2x, F#m is a quick walkup to F#)
Bm A G A
Bm A G F#m F#  

Bm AAnd now I close the door
G AMelding a resurrection
Bm ALiving through every war
G F#m F#I underscore the pain
Bm AWindows of fantasy
G Ashadows of expectations
Bm Adrowning in agony
G F#m F#I set this body free
F#m EmIt always happens right before it's over
F#m EmYou light the sky up like a supernova
Bm A GI believe the writings on the wall
A BmI don't regret at all
A G F#m F#I never played the game
Bm A GPart of me will always see the sun
A Bmas if it just begun
A Gto be the only one
F#m F# Bmwho knew what I became
Verse 2 Prechorus Chorus (Spoken part) Bm A G A x5 Bm A G F#m F# Prechorus Chorus ----------------------------- Leave a comment with fixes or props. Thanks! Always go to ultimate-guitar.com for the most updated tabs. tarowe4@hotmail.com -----------------------------
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