Racetrack – Pretty tab

all lyrics courtesy of www.saltandblues.com

C                    F
nose on the glass hours pass in the back
       C                            G
of the only store still open in the city
C                      F
white flecks of light on the fish flashing by
        C                                G
and you answer with your mouth hung open 'pretty'
F                       C
there's no reason to be scared
                   G        F       C
i know that you're always a little scared
    F                    C
and here you count again tonight
G                F                C
counting all the guts you've left inside
Am              E
it couldn't change a thing
Dm          Am		B
but i like remembering
     C             G           C
that holy scene in lonely new orleans
          F          C      G  C
ain't you pretty next to me
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