Rachel Bloom – You Stupid Bitch chords

Eb Cm AbWell, Rebecca, you've done it now
(spoken) Yeah, you guys know this one
Fm Eb Cm GmKarma's come to tap you on the shoulder
GmAll that lying that's been festering
AbPlus breaking and entering
BbIs coming now to crush you like a boulder
EbYou ruined everything
CmYou stupid bitch
FmYou ruined everything
BbYou stupid, stupid bitch
Eb GYou're just a lying little bitch who ruins things
AbAnd wants the world to burn
Eb BbYou're a stupid bitch
EbAnd lose some weight
GmI was so close to Paradise
Ab CmBut now the only thing I'm close to is defeat
GmThese shards are metaphor for my soul
AbWon't stop the self-pity 'cause I'm on a roll
BbYes, Josh completes me but how can that be
CWhen there's no me left to complete?
FYou ruined everything
DmYou stupid bitch
(spoken) Sing with me! [REBECCA & AUDIENCE]
BbYou ruined everything
GmYou stupid, stupid bitch
[REBECCA, spoken] Yes, I deserve this! [REBECCA & AUDIENCE]
C FYou're just a poopy little slut who doesn't think
A BbAnd deceives the people she loves
BbmNow he knows I'm not some innocent lamb
FHe sees me for what I am
A Dm F G Gm CWhich is a horrible, stupid, dumb and ugly
F Bbm FFat and stupid, simple self-hating
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