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Rachel Sermanni – Marshmallow Unicorn chords

Hey this is my tab for Rachel Sermanni's Marshmallow Unicorn from the album Under Mountains.

I did a video tutorial but someone asked me to also do it on here; here's the link to the video:

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Standard Tuning.

Capo 6

Chord References: 
A1: Am7 / E: e-----0 e----0B---3- B-1--G--2-- G----0D---3- D--2-A-----0 A----0E----- E----0
Am7 / F: Am7 / F#:e----0 e----0B-1-- B-1--G----0 G----0D--2- D--2-A----0 A----0E-1-- E--2-
Am7 / G: Am7 / B:e----0 e----0B-1-- B-1--G----0 G----0D--2- D--2-A----0 A--2-E---3 E----
Em / B: E7 / B:e----0 e----0B----0 B----0G----0 G-1--D--2- D----0A--2- A--2-E---- E----
F / B: G7:e---- e-1--B----0 B----0G---3 G----0D---3 D----0A--2- A--2-E-1-- E---3
INTRO: Cadd9, Am7, Em/B, F/B x 2
Cadd9 Am7 Em/B F/BFarewell to you my love, I'm closing my eyes
Cadd9 Am7 C G7you'll let go this cold cold hand in time
Cadd9 Am7 Em/B F/B This chain around your neck must carry my stone
Cadd9 Am7 C G7So I can feel your heart beat against my own
A1 E7/B Am7/E Am7/F Am7/F# Am7/F This veil will hide my voice from you and I'm not sure how I'll talk to you
A1 Am7 but know while you lie sleeping
CI'll be speaking my truths
C G C Am7/FBe near me always I don't know where I'll go
C G C C/Gbut I will tell you my stories
C G C Am7/FOn this ocean I'm rolling a wave away from you
C G Cbut we will roll into each other some day
C/F C/G CFor a ripple on the water I'll pray
REPEAT INTRO x 2 (on second time play G on top e string while playing Am7)
Cadd9 Am7 Em/B F/BYou will lose my face even closing your eyes
Cadd9 Am7 C G7I have gone from skin to earth to tree against the sky
Cadd9 Am7 Em/B F/BThe storms may harm our blossom we call for the sun
Cadd9 Am7 C G/7and though the rain still pours we know she'll come in good time
A1 E7/B Am7/E Am7/F Am7/F# Am7/F Oh silver lining you are hard to see when her face it fades away from me
A1 Am7 Cbut I know while she lies sleeping we are dreaming the same dreams
C G C Am7/FFor she is near me always telling me where to go
C G C C/Fshe listens to my stories
C G C Am7/F She has this funny notion that tears the tears from me
C G C but I will dry her pretty eyes one day
Am7/F Am7/G Am7 Am7/B For a ripple on the water I'll pray
Am7/F Am7/G E7 Am7 And I know that I will find her by the tremors left behind her
Am7/F G Cadd9 for with each ripple on the water she prays
REPEAT INTRO (following the Cadd9 on prays). End on C Thanks :D Louis.
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