Rachel Stamp – Heroine tab

rachel stamp

the introduction goes straight into the verse so just play through 

verse a- play through 

maybe if i could i would shoot you up inside my vein feel you rushing round inside me and maybe if I could I would let you loose inside my mind you take me some place that they will never ever find me chorus-
if you see my heroine tell her that she made me feel bad cos every time i’m with her i feel so small my heroine, tell her that she made me so mad Cos I need her so bad When she’s not there verse b- repeat verse a maybe if i could i would get rid of all of your tears rip up all of your pain & maybe if i could you would tell me how i feel inside kiss you in the pouring rain after chorus two play this piece & after piano solo play through again four times
e|-1---0---0---b|-3---0---1---g|-3---0---2---d|-2---2---2---a|-1---2---0---e|-1----------- f em am
When she’s not there jaque xxx email falling_to_pieces@hotmail.com
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