Radford – Open Your Eyes tab

From the Black Out The Sun EP.

Chords used:

F - 133211
Dm - XX0231
Bb - X13331
C - X32010

Intro: F Dm Bb


What if my words, run out of space

                          C               Dm
Cause all my intentions feel out of place

          Bb             F
Would you save me again

What if my troubles are too hard to climb

                       C           Dm
And every slip hurts more every time

            Bb          F
Would you save me again


Bb             F       C
If you feel bad

Bb             F             C
If you feel bad that you're not so strong

Bb              C
Then don't feel bad just try to hold on


Dm             Bb                         F
As soon as you leave, I know that you'll see

That I need you just like you need me

Dm               Bb                      F         C
How long must I wait, how long will it take for you

To open your eyes

Bb                               F
Just open your eyes for me

Solo plays over the chords Bb F and C

Thats it, comments/corrections welcome.
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