Wrapped In Piano Strings tab with lyrics by Radical Face - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Radical Face – Wrapped In Piano Strings tab

Capo: 3rd Fret. 
All chords relative to capo.

Note: The G chord used through much of the song is a slight variation, it is 
[320030] instead of [320003].

Intro: Ge|----------------------| B|-0^3-----3--3^0-----0-| G|-0-----0----------0---|x2 D|----------------------| A|----------------------| E|-3---3-----3----3-----|
Cadd9e|----------------------| B|-0^3-----3--3^0-----0-| G|-0-----0----------0---|x2 D|----------------------| A|-3---3----3-----3-----| E|----------------------|
That intro is not exact, but it's just basic finger picking of the two main chords. Verse: G G I saw your father in the hall G D His ghost is living in the walls Cadd9 Cadd9 I heard him crying while you slept Cadd9 D I heard him breaking things after you left [Verse] I watched you crawl into my bed With curses spilling from your head You said "We're just the walking dead" So I pulled the trigger and we floated off [Verse] Into the air, into the air Into the air, into the air We're in the air, we're in the air Up in the air, up in the air [Verse] I used to worry about the time That I lost my teeth along the line So I carved the apple from my eye And gave it to you before I went away [Verse] Blood ran into the kitchen sink Your hand and lives are running pink I sat and watched you as your ring Slipped off and rolled across the kitchen floor [Verse] They cut your Eyes wide open And pour into Your precious head [Verse] My reach don't Go that far dear But please oh Please don't let them in Bridge: Em F#m Cadd9 Bm G I sank into the sea Em F#m Cadd9 Bm G Wrapped in piano strings Em F#m Cadd9 Bm G Few words could open me Em F#m Cadd9 D But you knew them all [Verse] Now I just sleep beneath your floor My ghost just tries to keep you warm I've seen the end, I've lost the war One day you're 20 years just like the rain [Verse] I hear the engines They're roaring in our mouths The smell of creatures Are falling tooth and nail to get out [Verse] I see the airplanes They're pouring from the chest They fill the air And burn and bury just like the rest
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