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Radical Face – Glory chords


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G     - 320033
Cadd9 - x32033
Em    - 022030
D     - xx0232

G Cadd9I was born when they took my name
G Cadd9 When the world turned wicked, when I joined their game
EmBut I turned upon them
Cadd9 GLike you always knew I'd do
G Cadd9I sat and dreamed at the foot of your bed
G Cadd9Split my skull and reached inside my head
Em Cadd9 GPulled out the pictures and wished that I'd forget
EmBut you stitched me up then
D GWiped the blood from off my chin
G D Cadd9 G x 4
G Cadd9Now I sit on rooftop's edge
G Cadd9Muddy street beneath my swollen head
Em Trying to forget you
Cadd9 G But we've never met
G Cadd9 And the sky is ripped from the flying clouds
G Cadd9The chimneys' mouths spewing smoke around
EmAnd I can't stop coughing
Cadd9 G My lungs just won't calm down
EmBut still I keep grinning
D G As the blood from my face stains the ground
G EmA bird, caught in the wires
Cadd9 G DPleading for help I can't provide, I'm not that big
Em G Cadd9 I hope for the best but nothing changes, I'm sorry
G EmBut I was blessed with bad eyes
Cadd9 G DThere's a lot that I missed but I don't mind, I'm not that old
Em G Cadd9I'll find out what broke me soon enough
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