Radical Face – Mountains chords

The song is in F minor, but has been transposed here to A minor for piano simplicity. 

CI was just a boy
AmMy father seemed a mountain then
C FWith a voice that could shake the seas
C AmMy mother's ghost hung across his shoulders
E FAnd he said she was still watching over me
CMy brother was home
AmJust returned on army leave
C FTold his stories with a distant stare
CAnd as it snowed
AmThe wind was howling through the trees
E F CAnd I spent my night just listening by the fire
C, Am, Em, F, C, Am, E, F, E, Em, E, Em
Em FMy hands move the creases from my brow
CSoft as a breath
GIt's like a feather
Em FI dreamed of a lonely voice that night
CQuiet as death
GOutside my window
Em FIt sang a sad and lovely tune
CClear as a bell
GSoft as a shiver
Em FIt said, I want you all the time
Fm CIt said, I want you all the time
C, Em, C, Em, C, Em, C, Em
C EmGoodbye bad thoughts
C EmI'm safe under covers
C EmSo goodbye bad thoughts
C Em'Cause I'm safe under covers
CNow I can see you again
Am, C, F, C, Am, E, F, Am, C, F, C, Am, E, F,
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