Radical Face – Dead Ends chords

[Verse 1]
C G AmHello, hope, it's been a while
F G C GI thought I was damned to watch life through my hands
C G AmNow I'€™m not in the place I thought I'd be
F C GMakes looking back a whole lot simpler
F AmI thought that I could be the difference
F G AmI thought I could outsmart all the pain
F AmBut like life advice that's scrawled across a bathroom stall
GIt wasted everyone's time
F CSo now I'm saying goodbye
Am GAnd I'm learning to fend for myself
F CNow, we started playing with fire
Am G FBelieving that it would just keep us warm
CWell, there's no need to run
Am G AmWhen you're traveling down the wrong road
F CYeah, There's no need to run
Am G FWhen you're traveling down the wrong road
[Verse 2]
C G AmCan't see the forest for the trees
F G C GHeard it plenty of times, but now I know what it means
C G AmIf you hold too tight you're bound to lose
F C GThe very things you'€™ve decided are precious
F AmNow I've learned I'm not so special
F G AmNo need to carry all that weight
F AmYou don't have to ask if you're allowed to fall apart
GSo now I just say:
F C Am G FThere ain't no fixing this, but I like that you tried
C GSometimes the hardest part is being right
F C Am G FThere ain'€™t no helping me, but I like that you lied
G AmSometimes it's worth the burn marks to feel the light
F CAnd I don't wanna know why
Am GI just want to know how to move on now
F CThe past is buried in time
Am GAnd the future's an anxious invention
F COh, and you never arrive
Am GUnless you accept your dead ends
F CYeah, you will never arrive
Am GUnless you make peace with your dead ends
[Outro](half bar each) F C Am G (x8)
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