Radiohead – Exit Music tab

Intro (Twice)

Verse 1: Bm F# A E Wake from you sleep, the drying of your tears Bm F# B5 Bm Today, we escape, we escape. Bm F# A E Pack and get dressed, before your father hears us Bm F# B5 Bm Before all hell breaks loose. Bridge: Am E Breath keep breathing Bm G F# Don't loose your nerve Am E Breath keep breathing Bm G F# I can't do this alone Verse 2: Bm F# A E Sing us a song, a song to keep us warm Bm F# B5 Bm There's such a chill, such a chill Chorus: Bm F# G You can laugh, a spineless laugh G C F# We hope your rules and wisdom choke you Bm F# A E Now, we are one, in everlasting peace Bm F# B5 Bm We hope that you choke, that you choke. The End
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