Radiohead – Nice Dream tab


"Nice Dream"

Tabbed by: LUEicide
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 Just so everyone knows, I decided to learn this song after being blown away 
  by a video of a live performance, where Thom Yorke was solo.  I seeked out
  the biggest and baddest of tabs, but to my avail, they all sucked (no offense
  to the people who did them).  I pieced all I could find along with some of
  my own time and hard work invested in nailing details so you won't have to.

Note: All chords are strummed in a triplet feel (1-  2 + 3 +),
      or some variation, thereof. Be creative.

      Also, go easy on the higher strings; you want them to compliment
       the bass part, not bury it. This applies throughout the whole song.

      And one more thing, listen to the recording to hear the timing of the chord
       changes. I reccommend |><|


 x - mute a string (thumb or finger)
 (#) - optional note of a chord
 Pm - Palm-mute
 / or \ - slide up or down

A Asus D Esus Ee|-0-|-0-|--2--|-0-|--0-|B|-2-|-3-|--3--|-0-|--0-|G|-2-|-2-|--2--|-2-|--1-|D|-2-|-0-|--0--|-2-|--2-|A|-0-|-0-|-(0)-|-2-|--2-|E|---|---|-----|-0-|--0-|
INTROe|----0-----0----0----0---| *at repeat, slide backB|----0-----0----0----0---| to first chordG|----9-----8----7----6---|D|----10----9----8----7---| (second time through,A|----10----9----8----7---| skip last chord andE|----8-----7----6----5---|x2 go to lead-in #1)
LEAD-IN #1e|----0---0---0---0---|B|----2---2---2---2---|G|----2---2---2---2---|D|----2---1---2---1---|A|----0---0---0---0---|E|----x---x---x---x---| They...
VERSE A Asus They love me like I was their brother D Asus Esus E They protect me, listen to me. A Asus They dug me my very own garden D Asus Esus E Gave me sunshine, made me happy
CHORUS LEAD-IN #2e|---0---0--|--0---0---0---0---|B|---7---7--|--5---5---5---5---| (this leads you backG|---7---7--|--6---8---6---8---| into the verse again)D|---0---6--|--7---7---7---7---|A|---x---7--|--0---0---0---0---|E|---7---0--|--x---x---x---x---|
VERSE A Asus I call up my friend the good angel D Asus Esus E But she's out with, her answer-phone. A Asus She says that she'd love to come help but D Asus Esus E The sea would electrocute us all
Lead-in to BRIDGE e|---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---|B|---0---7---7---5---0---7---7---|G|---2---7---7---6---2---7---7---|D|---1---0---6---7---1---0---0---|A|---x---x---7---0---x---x---x---|E|---2---7---0---x---2---7---6---|
This is where you can really lay into it... BRIDGE Pm----------> (Don't PM the 3rd and 4th time through) e|---0---0---x---x---|
B|---2---2---3---3---| (on the second time through, G|---2---2---2---2---| slowly bring your palm off D|---2---x---x---x---| on the last chord of the A|---0---2---3---x---| progression) E|---x---x---x---2---|x4
After you strike the last chord on the fourth time through, pause for about two measures, then continue.
Resolve on this last A-chord ^ E-mail me with any questions or comments. I'm open to any feedback.
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