Radiohead - Nice Dream tab version 3

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"Nice Dream" by Radiohead
This file done by: "Matt Simpson"

Here's the REAL way to play this song, not sure why others are playing different chords:

Basically, i'll just give you the Verse chords in order and then the Chorus chords in order, figure out the timing and everything else for yourself (it's fairly basic)

Standard Tuning


A D E -0---------2-0-2---------0-0-0-0- Played twice for each verse-2---------3-3-3---------0-2-0-3--2---------2-2-2---------1-1-1-1--2---------0-0-0---------2-2-2-2--0---------0-0-0---------2-2-2-2--------------------------0-0-0-0- they... brother... me....
Bm11 E7sus4(maybe) A-0----------------0----------------x-x-x- Once for each triplet of-7----------------7----------------5-5-5- "nice dream..."-7----------------7----------------6-8-6--0----------------6----------------7-7-7--x----------------7----------------0-0-0--7----------------0---------------------- nice dr... nice dream.... nice dream...
There ya go, sounds really nice on acoustic. Cheers, Matt
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