Radiohead – Blow Out Acoustic chords

Tab by Sushimiaumiau (AbbeySP)

This is the acoustic version played by 
Thom Yorke with Posies. 

I'm sick of that classic, non-accurate at all tabs that
have been roaming the net by years! They're wrong! I'm not
saying my version is 100% accurate but at least it sounds
MUCH better and it's easier to play! Just try it out ;)

In first, the main chord isn't (0-2-2-0-0-2) 
but 0-9-x-0-7-0. It is called Emadd9 or something but 
doesn't matter (it's the same chord you play
on the bridge of Lucky):
                                        V          |
                                .-------------.    |
                                |             |    | 
    Emadd9(?)                   V             V    '--This is the freaking
E|--0--x--0--0--x--0--|--0--x---0--0---0--0---0--| variation you won'tB|--7--x--7--7--x--7--|--7--x---7--7---7--7---7--| never be able to play G|--0--x--0--0--x--0--|--0--x---0--0---0--0---0--| if you do 0-2-2-0-0-2D|--------------------|---------0--0---0--0---0--|A|--9--x--9--9--x--9--|--9--x--------------------|E|--0--x--0--0--x--0--|--0--x--10--9--10--9--10--|
It repeats all over the intro and verses. Then a G and a Asus2 come like this:
G Asus2E|-(0)- -(3)- E|--0-- B|--0-- -(3)- B|--0-- G|--0-- or --0-- G|--2--D|--0-- --0-- D|--2--A|----- ----- A|--0--E|--3-- --3-- E|-----
The bridge:
Doing that way you will be able to return to Emadd9 chord easily. I'm thinking of tab this with GuitarPro. But it will be later. Just one final thing: this is a very exclusive tab. It actually exists only in Ultimate-guitar. So if you record yourself playing it and upload your video to YouTube, please give proper credit. If you don't do so, I will know. :) Thanks for reading.
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