Radney Foster – Closing Time chords

A Every afternoon at five o'clock
D AI forget all about you
DThere ain't nothin bout this honky tonk
A To remind me we're through
DAnd I can put off going back
E ATo that old empty house you swore you'd never leave
Bm And from the loneliness you handed mees
E AI can get a brief reprieve
A BM C#m D E AFrom here until closing time, it won't matter you're gone
A C#m D E1.I can fill up my emptiness, maybe make it on my own
2.Your memory won't break my heart, I can make it on my own
B#m C#m DFrom now till they lock the doors
E APut the chairs up and sweep the floors
B#m C#m D You won't even cross my mind
E D AFrom here until closing time
A DWell the good ole days are good and gone
D ASince you left without me
DIf I could figure out where we went wrong
AMaybe I'd be free
DFrom these ties that bind my foolish heart
E AThat just won't let me start my life again
Bm And then I wouldn't need this lonesome bar
E AWhere I come to pretend
A DEvery afternoon at five o'clock
AI forget all about you
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