Rage Against The Machine – Down On The Street tab

Here is the tab for this wicked Stooges cover off the "Renegades" album!Its in a drop-D tuning so whack your E-string down a whole tone. Use a good crunchy distortion with plenty of treble and a little delay {100ms}!! If you have any comments message me at kendohmassif@fsmail.net!!!


BREAK-part 1Note:Bust out your Wah and Whammy pedal for this!! o-open x-close wahE--------- E-------------------B--------- B-------------------G--------- G-------------------D--------- Play 3 times D---------5b7--bd--5A--------- A-------------------D-2---2--- D-2----------------- o x o x o x whammy- harmonise in 5th
E----xxxxxx--- E---10------------B----xxxxxx--- B-8------8--------G----xxxxxx--- G------7---9-7----D------------- Play 3 times D-----------------A-10--------10 A--------------10-D------------- D----------------- whammy-harominis in 5ths x o xo x o x o
SOLONOTE-Get your Whammy out again and set to harmonise in 5thsE-------------- E---------------------B-17--17b20--17 B-20bd17--17bd--20--17G-------------- Play 3 times G---------------------D-------------- D---------------------A-------------- A---------------------D-------------- D---------------------
There you go!!Maybe be a bit confusing on the breaks and solo but jam to the C.D and let your ear work out the rythms and err you might struggle if you don`t own a Whammy, try and find another harmonising unit if in doubt!!! IN A BIT!!!
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