Raimon Smit – Roots chords

Raimon Smit

Your have to hear the song to understand it.
It's about the roots of humanity, about people.
About how people change and how they fit in the modern world.
That everything we do is plant in faces and emotions.

E   B   A   2X
E   B   A   B
F   C   G   2X
F   C   G   A

F C GThe weather changes all
F C GNot if you try to beat it from small
F C GYou leave life by the line
F C G AIt's not your reason to decline-------------
F C G The summer ends and seasons start
F C GShadows seprate themselves as art
F C GThey know you better
F C G AThan the other me--------------------
E B AThese were build up from the roots
E B AThey are followed by the top
E B A Beverything inbetween is dreaming------------------
E B A Bhey hey-----------------
F C GAs soon as the weather
F C Gpeople change from style
F C GAs it all goes hand in hand
F C G ALike everything in our lives is for rent-----------
F C GAll it creats is a world
F C GThat's spinning for it's end
F C GAnd all we do is dial
F C G ATill it falls and ends---------------------
E B AAll the things we see are just faces
E B AThey will come and go
E B A BTill people will see, do they know?------------------
E B A Bdo they know-----------------
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