Raine Maida - Innocent chords

ARTIST: 	Raine Maida
SONG: 		Innocent (Our Lady Peace Acoustic Version)
TUNING: 	Standard
TABBED BY:	Nick Curry (nickoho@gmail.com)

Hi, this is my first ever attempt at tabbing a song, so I appologise in advance if it's 
if you must pick, please be constructive, thats all i ask! ^_^ But hopefully for anyone 
wanted to try playing this acoustic it will at the very least give you some jumping off points. :)



     D       A	     G       B

D A Oh, Johnny wishes he was famous
G Spends his time alone in the basement
B With a Lennon and Cobain
A D And, a guitar and a stereo
A Well, he wishes he could escape this
G But it all seems so contagious
B Not to be yourself and faceless
A In a song that has no soul
G B I, Remember feeling low
G I, remember losing hope
B A I, remember all the feelings and the day they stopped....
D A We are, we are all innocent
G We are all innocent
B A We are, we are...
D A We are, we are all innocent
G We are all innocent
B A We are, we are...
D A Oh, and Tina's losing faith in what she knows
G Hates her music, hates all of her clothes
B Thinks of surgery and a new nose
A D Every calorie is a war.
A And well she wishes she was a dancer
G And that she'd never heard of cancer
B She wishes god would give her some answers
A And make her feel beautiful
D A G One daaaay, you're gonna have to let it go
B A You're gonna have to let it goooooo.
D A G One daaaay, you're gonna stand up on your own
B A You're gonna stand up on your ooowwwn.
ORDER: 2x Intro/Instrumental 1x Verse 1 1x Bridge 2x Chorus 1x Verse 2 1x Bridge 2x Chorus 2x Intro/Instrumental 1x Verse 3 1x Bridge (One strum per chord)
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