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Raleigh Knights – I Will Stay With You chords

Intro - F#m, G, D, A 2xVerse - same 4x
Pre-Choras - G Choras - D, A, Bm, G 4x
Bridge - A, Bm, G, D 2x Verse
I've tried everything, everything that I know. But you shut me out, and pretend I'm not here. Please don't push me off, or anything that I say. I'm just trying to help you and everything you do. Choras I know life is hard for you and me, but please don't quit now were finally starting to win. I will stay with you like you asked me to, until you fall asleep and dream. Bridge You say your floating to close to the rocks, and that life is gone. But I will climb aboard and save you, like I always do. Choras again, then end with intro chords.
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