Ramones – Questioningly tab ver. 2

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From: "misfit 138" 
Subject: correction!
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 10:06:17 PDT

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 18:45:03 +0000
From: Oscar.Rodriguez@neptuno.ii.uam.es (Rodriguez Hernandez, Oscar)

SONG   : Questioningly
ARTIST : Ramones
ALBUM  : Road to Ruin

Tabbed by O&D ( Oscar And Diego, reacheable at this e-mail address )

Intro and Solo by Misfit138 (m_138@hotmail.com)


INTRO (Play 2 times)|-------------------------------------------------|-------------------||---7-----------12-----------15-----------14------|------7b9b7--------||---7-----------12-----------16b19--------14------|------7b9b7--------||-------------------------------------------------|-------------------||-------------------------------------------------|-------------------||-------------------------------------------------|-------------------|
D G Questioningly her eyes looked at me D And then she spoke D G Aren't you someone I used to Know Bm A And weren't we lovers a long time ago ? D Looked at her close G Forced her into view D Yes, I said, you're a girl G Bm A That I once may have knew G D But I don't love you anymore G D Why do you want to talk to me for ? G D You should have just let me walk by G Bm A D Memories make us cry G In the morning, I'm at work at time D G Bm A My boss he tells me that I'm doing fine G D When I'm going home G D Whiskey bottle movie on T.V G D Memories make me cry G Bm And I'm alone just me A D Just me, Questioningly ...
Additional lyrics : But I dont love you anymore Why do you want to talk to me for ? You should have just let me walk by Memories make us cry Looked at her close Forced into view Yes, I said you're a girl That I once may have knew Questioningly her eyes looked at me And then she spoke Aren't you someone I used to know And weren't we lovers a long time ago ? ----- END. Corrections & Suggestions wellcome (please let us know e-mailing us) or if you like Ramones and have anything to say about that, e-mail us (O&D) at this e-mail address : Oscar.Rodriguez@ii.uam.es GABBA GABBA HEY ;)
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