Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop chords

2nd tab, no Capo.. simplified it for novices who cant play B.

DHey Ho, Lets go
D Hey Ho, Lets go
A D ETheyre formin in a straight line
A D ETheyre goin through a tight wind
A D The kids are losin their minds
E A D A Blitzkrieg bop
DHey ho lets go
A D AShoot em in the back now
D What they want I dont know
Em D ETheyre all reved up and ready to go
A D EThey're piling in the back seat
A D EThey're generating steam heat
A D Pulsating to the back beat
E A D A The Blitzkrieg Bop.
DHey ho, let's go
A D AShoot'em in the back now
DWhat they want, I don't know
Em D EThey're all reved up and ready to go
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