Ramshackle Glory – Never Coming Home Song For The Guilty chords

All credit to Pat and the gang for the song, check out their website for all the names 
and such.

This song's in 3/4 time and it's a pretty simple folky tune, any questions to 
nocapitalband@gmail.com, hope you like the song as much as I do.

Intro: [E B A] x2

Verse: [E B A]

E B A The trains roll by my porch
E B ADown here where nothing can live
E BAnd I've been smoking too much
C#m ABecause I am no exception
E B AYou knew that already, I think
If you want salvation Then you ought to go see a priest 'Cause forgiveness from those that we hurt In this world never was guaranteed Chorus: [E C#m B A]
E C#mI'm coming home, it's late again
B AI'm high as I've ever been
E C#mYou're sitting up, you're in our bed
B ACrying for a ghost again
E C#mNo room could be as dark
B AOr as empty as ours is
E C#m'Cause I'm at home but I'm not here
B AAnd I never am
Verse: [E B A] I wonder how many friends Roll past my house in the night? In boxcars they sleep With hearts stashed in their backpacks They'll make California all right A promise from me Is just a lie I ain't told yet So I'm ready to die But I'm not willing to watch You watch me die here in our bed Chorus: [E C#m B A] I'm lying down, I've been nodding out Since I don't know when The lights are on, you're standing up Screaming at a ghost again Darling, I'm home; hell I ain't left This house of ours in days But I'm not here; I never am So I just can't stay Outro: [E C#m A B]
E C#m AMy darling, I'm never coming back
BFrom where I'm going
E C#m A [You can play the B here, I usually don't]My darling, I'm never coming home
E C#m AMy darling, I'm never coming back
BFrom where I'm going
E C#m AMy darling, I'm never coming home
B [I usually finish on E but improvising a bit is nice]Never coming home again
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