Ramshackle Glory – Into The Wind chords

Dm F GScream it into the wind
Dm F GI swear this is not where I end
Bb C DmYou can claw your way up or just dig your way down
G Dm GDown, down
Dm F GFear the dust, fear the heat
Dm FThis is where it went down
GFeel the ghosts drag your feet
Bb C DmWhere the dogs and the train and your past all converge into flight
G Dm Bb F GOh, they carry us, terrified, into the night
Bb CI will drink too much coffee and hold my fears tight
Dm G Dm GIf they're gone, then hell, who am I?
Dm F GWrite it down, burn it up
Dm F GIf the past is a minefield how do we look up
BbJust enough
CJust to try
Dmto learn trust?
G Dm G
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