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Song: As One
Band: Rancid
Album: Let's Go!
Written by Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman
Transcribed by Luke Knox (lukeknox@iname.com)

This is my favorite song so far off of Rancid's second album, Let's Go.
It's pretty basic, just three chords:

Intro: A A A/D E EE--5-x-x-5-x-x-5/5-x-7-9-----------|B--5-x-x-5-x-x-5/7-x-9-9-----------|G--6-x-x-6-x-x-6/7-x-9-9-----------|D--7-x-x-7-x-x-7/7-x-9-9-----------|A----------------------------------|E----------------------------------|
Verse: A D War between races war between lies, war between something E that was living inside (you get the idea). Chrous: A E D A E D As One As One. . . . (repeat) That's it! I hope you like it. E-mail me if you have problems. And please, somebody help me out in tabbing out songs from Let's Go. Thanks. Luke Here's the lyrics: War between races, war between lies, war between something that was living inside. You were wrong all along I was right you lied, U to the N to the ITY. Straight down too late can it kick the feeling, looking from the bottom I can't see the ceiling. Shots rang out in the Oakland winter, can't stand alone if you can't stand together. As One As One As One As One No matter what they do they'll try to divide you, fear you up what's inside you. Way down down down down the scale and I'll hook your anchor to the gates of hell. Once you realize that it was so simple, what you're given you can't take with you. I asked somebody if they had the same vision, he said yeah I had the same vision.
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