Rancid – Junkyman tab

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From: SkunX42@aol.com
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 1995 21:15:54 -0500
Subject: Junkyman by Rancid

Song: Junkyman
Band: Rancid
Album: ...And Out Come the Wolves
Tabbed  by: SkunX42@aol.com	=


A F# D E|---------------------------||---------------------------||-----------------7-----9---||----7-----4------7-----9---||----7-----4------5-----7---||----5-----2----------------|
=0DIntro\Chorus: A, D on one gtr. while other plays lead riff=0D|-------5-----5-----5-----5-------------5-----5-----5---5---||----------8-----8-----8-----8-------------7-----7----7---7-||---6------------------------------7------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------|=0DVerse: =
=0D A the common man doesn't suffer pain like this D only the soul that has never been kissed A let us adore our beautiful son D he's ridin on the rivers of babylon A bootin up and shootin up bring on the brightness see the D son of god is comin up and i see a likeness A internalize the lunacy the misery is showin when you're D brought up you're caught up in a system that is goin =0D PreChorus: F# D = no one answeres no one takes that call from you (repeat), then E =0D chorus: (see Intro) junkyman tell em what your story is =0D Verse2: = water water water water i desire some parents house is on fire slowly the house gonna burn to the ground the neighborhood will watch without a sound will someone be a witness please tell me that he's crazy but he's not and they know that and they can't get him cause he's not cra= zy beat him lock him knock him take away his authority hit em ship em club em, submitted conformity =0D PreChorus =0D CHORUS =0D Poetry reading: my hand went blind, clairvoyant, pure in the veins i make love to my trance sister went on and my trance parents see from the balcony i looked out on the big field it opens like the cover of an old bible (play prechorus riff) and out come the wolves! out come the wolves their paws trampling in the snow the alphabet i stand on my head and watch it all go away =0D Verse3: bootin up shootin up and bring on the brightness see the sun of god is comin up and there is a likeness internalize the lunacy the misery is showin when you're brought up you're caught up in a system that is goin =0D PreChorus =0D CHORUS =0D that's it, have fun. send all questions, comments, punk tabs, = and\or requests (i'll do my best) to me at: SkunX42@aol.com special thanks to Ryan Cannava for just about this whole song! oi! --PART.BOUNDARY.0.16174.mail04.mail.aol.com.817438552--
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