Randy Newman – Song For The Dead tab

Song For The Dead  

Intro:  Em7  Em (2X)

Em7           Em    Gmaj7
Deep in the field a lone soldier stands
      Em7        Em      C
With mud on his boot and blood on his hands
     Em7          Em    Gmaj7
They left him behind to bury the dead
       C                                            D  Em
And to say a few words on behalf of the leadership

Em                   D
Pardon me, boys if I sleep off my pack
    Em        Em7        C
And sit for a while with you 

    G                   B7                           Em     Em7        
I'd like to explain why you fine young men had to be blown apart
To defend this mud hole
    G                             B7 
Now our country, boys though it's quite far away
             Em     Em7     C
Found itself jeopardized, endangered, boys
   G                    B7 
By these very gooks who lie here beside you
Em      Em7     C
Forever near, forever

We'd like to express our deep admiration
For your courage under fire and your willingness to die
For your country, boys we won't forget
We won't forget

by: José Duarte
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