Tonights Not The Night chords with lyrics by Randy Rogers Band for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Randy Rogers Band – Tonights Not The Night chords

G Yeah well this is your love song baby
Cadd9 This is the part where I must confess
GLooking good in that dress
Consider this fair warning
Cadd9It’s getting kind of hard to say good night
G Underneath the porch light
D I’m not saying to sink or swim
Yeah but I’ve already jumped in Chorus:
Cadd9 D Cause tonight’s not the night
G For playing it safe or take it easy
Cadd9 DOr waste any more precious time
Cadd9 DNo tonight’s not the night
G G/F# EmTo watch you get in your car and leave me
Cadd9 D GNo tonight’s not the night for goodbye
GSometimes it’s not easy
Cadd9Sometimes love can scare you half to death
GBut I’ll give it my best
Yeah we’ll find a way to make it
Cadd9Who says we’ve got to do it their way
DBaby what do you say?
AmWell it’s a long way home
EmYeah you got no reason to go
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