Randy Rogers Band – Kiss Me In The Dark chords

This is my first tab but i think that it's really close 
Enjoy. :)
I love this song 

Capo on 3rd

Intro: Em G D C (x2)

Em C GSailors sail, cowboys ride,
D Em lovers love when they get the chance
C GTake it slow, turn down the light,
D Csoft and low let the shadows dance
CBaby, don't hold back
Em Kiss me in the dark,
C roll me through the night
D G Hold me like you'll never let me go
D Em Hit me with your heart,
C 'til the morning light
D C Let your skin talk to my soul
Em Kiss me in the dark
Em C GStrip away everything,
D Em tonight there's nothing getting in our way
C GThe ties that bind, the where's and why's
D CTake 'em off and leave 'em all outside
CLock it all outside
(Repeat Chorus)
DWithout a single word,
Embaby we can say so much
C D CReveal everything with just one touch
(Repeat Chorus) Kiss me in the dark Yeah
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