Kiss Me In The Dark chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Randy Rogers Band - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Randy Rogers Band – Kiss Me In The Dark chords ver. 2

Texas country attitude.  The Randy Rogers Band is great.  Caught there show in a 
small bar in Albuquerque before the ACM's.  Have fun with the following ear-transcribed version.


Intro Gm D# A# F (2x)

Verse 1

Gm D# A#Sailors sail. Cowboys ride
F GmLovers love. When they get the chance.
D# A#Take it slow. Turn down the light.
F GmSoft and low let the shadows dance.
D#Baby, don't...hold back.
Gm Kiss me in the dark.
D# Roll me through the night.
F A# descend to Gm Hold me like you'll never let me go.
Gm Hit me with your Heart.
D# 'til the morning light.
F Let your skin talk to my soul.
Gm D#/A#/F Kiss me in the dark.
Verse 2
Gm D# A#Strip away. . . everything.
F GmTonight there's nothing getting in our way.
D# A#The ties that bind. The where's and why's.
F GmTake them off and leave them all outside.
D#Lock it all outside.
Chorus Bridge
GmWithout a single word,
D# baby we can say so much
A# F EReveal everything with just one touch
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